QUIGO is a web platform supporting smartworking,  meeting or small event planning. 

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The choice of premises includes Hotel, Coworking and Apartments. Booking an apartment also includes usability of the night. Particularly, check-in always takes place in the afternoon and check-out the following morning or the last day booked. To reserve all the morning you must book the Whole Day so that you will be able to check-in the preceding afternoon.

The applied VAT is the one provided for the services in force at the time of booking. The contractual relationship remains between the Customer and the Local Manager who will issue and deliver the relevant invoice. Any extra drinks or services will be settled directly at the venue.

It is not allowed to stay beyond the time booked and the Manager can ask you to leave the seat if already booked by another user or could request a supplement payment for extra usage.


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is a web platform for booking a place for smartworking, meeting and buseiness event  purchasable online by registered users only. The business transaction remains an exclusive contractual agreement between the User and the Partner.  Products are subject to the effective availability under Partner responsibility.

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