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last updated 28.03.2019

These Terms & Conditions, as shown below, are intended to regulate uniformly the relationships between QUIGO and Platform Users. The Terms & Conditions may be changed at any time. Any changes and / or new conditions will be effective from the moment of their publication in the "General Conditions" section of the Platform, but will not be applied to bookings already made. The applicable Conditions are therefore those in force on the Booking Date of the User. The User is therefore obliged to consult the General Conditions before proceeding with each Booking and Purchase. Booking and Purchase through the Platform imply for the User the complete knowledge and acceptance, without reservations, of the General Conditions at that time in force.


Contract: identify this document 

Users: customers – any adult who act as consumers or Professional users with P.IVA, and after free registration, can access to QUIGO Platform to choose, book and purchase Services offered by Partners. 

Partner: owner of commercial catering and / or lodging and / or entertainment business, interested in offering its products / services at agreed prices through the QUIGO Web Platform. 

Credentials: individual Userid and Password, used to access to the QUIGO platform. They are personal and not transferable. 

Platform:  the website available at https://www.quigo.net and the accessory services provided. 

QUIGO: trademark owned by NEGOCO S.r.l. 

NEGOCO:  NEGOCO S.r.l. based in 20146 Milan, viale San Gimignano n. 11, VAT number: 10238090962; C.F.:10238090962, PEC: negoco@pec.negoco.it.

1. Object

QUIGO is a Web platform that support matching between offering and demand of products & services for smartworking, which can be purchased by users with online prepayment. QUIGO acts as a mere intermediary facilitating the commercial transaction that remains an exclusive contractual relationship between the User and the Partner. The Platform can be used in Italian and in English. The offers of Partners (products and services) are subject to actual availability on their sole responsibility.

2. Access to the Platform and Registration  User is required to register at the Platform in order to use all functions available. Upon registration, the User must declare its userid as Consumer o Professiona, must fill at list mandatory fields, receiving the personal and individual credentials (userid) to access. The login credentials are personal and  confidential. The user is solely responsible for the use of his Userid & pw  and undertakes to adopt all of the necessary measures to keep them confidential and not to disclose them to third parties in any form. The User may at any time cancel his / her registration to QUIGO by sending an email to info@quigo.net or modifying his / her personal data and password from his / her personal profile. By registering, the User expressly accepts without any restricion this Terms & Conditions and any special provisions contained on the QUIGO Platform and provides consent to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of the operations carried out through the Platform. QUIGO has the right to suspend or terminate the User's right to ìuse the Platform with immediate effect, by written notice (including by e-mail) if it deems, at its discretion, that the User has violated these Terms & Conditions.

3. Prices and Payments Management

On the Platform the User can identify the room and the offer with the most suitable features for its needs, view the prices and finalize the booking and purchase online through the Platform itself, with some exceptions for specific Partners as described time to time where the paypment will be direct to the Partner. The prices of the services & products are those published online at the time of the completion of the purchase by the User and are understood as inclusive of VAT. VAT is applied for the provision of services at the rate in force at the time of purchase by the User. Prices are expressed in euros and may be subject to change without notice from the Partner. Payment must be made by the User in advance and only on-line. Any currency conversions will be borne by the User through its bank. The payment constitutes a purchase contract between the User and the Partner, to which QUIGO remains unrelated. To complete each order the User is required to confirm the economic transaction concerning the payment of the price of the services & products selected; at the end of the procedure the Platform redirects the latter to the Paypal page or to the banking service that manages the economic transaction. As foreseen by the art. 51 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, the function envisaged for submitting the order shows the specification "Order with obligation to pay". Orders that do not register the corresponding economic transaction are canceled automatically. Upon each payment, QUIGO sends to the User and to the Partner an email notification as receipt, whose presentation can be requested by the Partner to the User at the time of use of the Reservation. The Partner issues a receipt or invoice if the amount exceeds € 40.00 excluding VAT, based on this notification. The tax documents are drafted in electronic form or delivered on paper to the User's access to the location chosen by the Partner.  The Partner is forbidden to accept payments from the User outside the QUIGO Platform for content booked and purchased through QUIGO, except for any extras consumed by the customer in addition to the expected content of the offer purchased through the platform. The User can consult its purchases anytime by accessing to the "Personal Profile" of the Platform.

4. Right of Withdrawal of the User

The User, as a Consumer, has the right to withdraw from the contract for the sale of services & products purchased online pursuant to art. 52 of Legislative Decree n.206 / 2005 (Consumer Code), without having to provide any explanation and without penalty, no later than 14 days from the conclusion of the on-line contract and contextual payment. The withdrawal can be exercised by the User through a special link in their personal profile on the Platform, clicking on which the cancellation function is activated; save any other written communication in a free form suitable to clarify the wish to withdraw. In case of withdrawal of the Consumer User QUIGO sends to him and to the Partner an email notification as receipt and then proceeds within the next 14 days to return the amounts paid, net of any reimbursement costs, using the same payment method used by the 'User for the initial transaction. QUIGO assumes no responsibility towards the User if the withdrawal has not been properly communicated or is excluded as set out below.  In any case, the right of withdrawal is excluded:  1)  if the provision of the service has already tarted in favor of the User; 2)  if the User has requested a service and the withdrawal has not intervened at least 3 days in advance from the date established for the event; 3) if the transaction does not exceed € 40.00, VAT excluded. Professional User has no right of Withdrawal or reimbursement for any reason in any case. Cancellations and changes are not accepted through direct contact of the User with the Partner.

5. User's Obligations

By registering on the Platform, the User warrants that he is at least 18 years of age, has full capacity to act and conclude legally binding contracts, to act as a Consumer. The Professional User , by registering on the Platform Quigo ensure to be owner of P.IVA and to act for business reasons. For the User, as well as for the Partner, there is an obligation to transmit accurate and truthful information, necessary for their identification and for the management of orders and payments and to keep them updated. The User can not register with more than one Account on the Platform or register with a false profile; nor falsely represent other existing or fantasy. The User in case of purchase of Packages with a fixed time slot must strictly comply with the same, leaving the room no later than the scheduled time. In default the Partner require to leave or can charge extra costs for the stay on site. In the event of allergies or special dietary requirements, the User is responsible for choosing compatible products and for providing all necessary information to the Partner.

6. Limitations of QUIGO Responsibility

The information regarding the products and services registered on the Platform are published and updated by the Partners with the support of QUIGO. It is not possible to guarantee the complete absence of errors of which, however, QUIGO can not be held responsible. The images and colors of the premises and products offered by the Partners may not exactly correspond to the real ones, also due to the Internet browser or monitor used; the photos on the QUIGO website are therefore indicative and not contractually binding. The Partner is solely responsible for the provision of products and services purchased by the Customer and their compliance with the offer, as well as the ownership of all licenses and authorizations necessary for the performance of his activity and the offer to the public of his services. QUIGO undertakes no obligation to guarantee that the quality of the Products ordered is satisfactory or that the Products are suitable for the User's purposes and expressly excludes any warranty of this type. QUIGO is not responsible for the behavior of Users and Partners and consequently is not liable for any damages of any nature which, for any reason, occur to the User, the Partner or third parties or their belongings during the User's stay in the Partner's premises .  Neither QUIGO nor the Partner are in any way responsible for any breaches and / or delays in the performance of contractual services depending on events of force majeure, including, but not limited to, causes of fire, flood, earthquake, explosions, sabotage, terrorist attacks, vandalism, lightning, war, riots, even corporate strikes. QUIGO takes care that the Platform is accessible 24h / 24h but does not assume any obligation in this regard and is not responsible towards the User in the event that the Platform, for any reason, at any time and for periods of any duration, is not available . Any disputes arising between the Partner and the User do not involve QUIGO, renouncing the User, as well as the Partner, from invoking the call in question.

7. Ethical behavior

QUIGO is an open platform that facilitates free trade and admits partners and users regardless of their backgrounds, ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, disability. QUIGO is in the interest of users to feel welcome and respected at the Partners for which they have purchased services / products through the Platform, therefore it requires the Partner to make a specific commitment to this, so that it does not discriminate or otherwise distinguish between the Users. The Partner of QUIGO is not allowed to refuse a User because of its provenance, ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, disability. Failing this, the Contract is resolved for a just cause and the Partner is obliged to pay damages for damage to the image and reputation of QUIGO. The QUIGO Partner is instead recommended to provide precise and objective information about the accessibility features of the room (or their absence), to allow guests with disabilities to evaluate the adequacy to their needs. The User has the obligation to behave correctly in the local towards the Partner and QUIGO regardless of the satisfaction with the service received, being able to express their own judgment on the QUIGO website.

8. Evaluations and suggestions

QUIGO encourages and appreciates that reviews and suggestions for improving the Platform are provided ("Feedback") by Users. The Feedback is for informational purposes only and reflects the opinions of Users. The registered User can fill out an evaluation of the service received from his personal Profile on the Platform. Any further indication of improvement or dissatisfaction of the service can be forwarded to QUIGO also by sending an email to info@quigo.net. QUIGO takes note of the assessments and suggestions received and uses them to improve the service where possible, without any guarantee of response to the User. All the Feedback provided and the rights deriving from their content are the exclusive property of QUIGO. QUIGO reserves the right to cancel Feedback whose tones and / or contents are defamatory or otherwise offensive or discriminatory, equivalent to unauthorized advertising, giving the impression of coming from QUIGO.

9. Loyalty Program

QUIGO offers the possibility to Users to participate in the "Loyalty Program" which allows you to receive free points for each booking completed and used. The cumulative Points allow you to take advantage of Gift Vouchers. The User can know the amount of the cumulative Points by consulting his personal Profile on the Platform. Based on the number of Points accumulated, the User may decide to convert all or in part into one or more Gift Vouchers based on the rules that are made available and updated on the Platform in the "Award Rules" section. The Homage Coupons are personal, are not transferable. They are not convertible into cash nor do they accrue interest and have a predefined temporal validity indicated on the voucher itself. In case of expiration, they are unusable and not replaceable.

10. Contents of the Platform and Intellectual Property

All rights, patrimonial or moral, of intellectual property, related to the contents and information elements of the Platform belong to QUIGO, with the exception of the property rights belonging to third parties and for which the Company has obtained the assignment of the necessary rights or authorizations. Access to and use of the QUIGO website and the services provided do not entail any transfer or license to exploit or use any element of the QUIGO website. Each element (trademarks, projects, texts, hypertext links, logos, images, videos, audio elements, page scripts, databases, codes ...) contained on the QUIGO website remains the exclusive property of QUIGO and / or its Partners. Therefore, in the absence of prior written authorization of QUIGO, any reproduction, representation, re-edition, redistribution, adaptation, translation and / or partial or integral conversion or transfer to any other medium of any element on the QUIGO Platform is prohibited. It is not allowed to use, for any purpose or title, any distinctive sign on the Platform. The User acknowledges that failure to comply with these prohibitions constitutes an offense that can be prosecuted either criminally or civilly.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions and the relationship between QUIGO, Partners and Users are governed by Italian law and apply regardless of the User's nationality. In the event that a provision of these Conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this will not have any effect on the validity, legitimacy and application of the other provisions of these Conditions which will remain in force and fully effective. QUIGO reserves, where necessary, to proceed with the drafting of a new clause in compliance with the legislation and laws applicable to these Conditions.  For any controversy that may arise regarding the interpretation of the General Conditions and the execution of the contract concluded pursuant to the same, the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the User will be competent, whether the Consumer is resident or domiciled in Italian territory. If the Consummer User is not resident or has no domicile in Italy, for any dispute that may arise between QUIGO and / or the Partner and the User regarding the interpretation of the Terms & Conditions and the performance of the contract concluded pursuant to of the aforementioned, in the case of an action promoted by QUIGO or the Partner, they may choose between the Court of Rome and the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the User, alternatively between them; in case of action promoted by the User, the Court of Rome will have exclusive jurisdiction. For any controversy  that may arise between QUIGO and/ or the Parnter and the Professional User the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction.

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